chocolate + quinoa energy bars

quinoa protein barsThese were born from an experiment trying to duplicate a deliciously addictive, albeit ridiculously expensive, crunchy quinoa snack product I recently purchased.  Two attempts later, this is what I got.  Close in flavor, completely different in texture, I’m good with it.  


chopped kale salad

the standard hotel miami kale saladI was lucky enough to have an excuse to jet off to Miami for a few days last month.  When I left my house in Boulder for the airport that morning it was a charming  -17 degrees.


grilled coconut pork + satay sauce

pork satay

This dish allows you to hit the pause button hard on all things winter.  It’s tropical and summery while still managing to be soul-satisfyingly good.  The satay sauce takes just a few minutes to come together and seems to make people very happy.  


superfood chocolate bark

the pig and the fig superfood chocolate barkYes, I am giving you a very good reason to eat more chocolate.  AND a great gift to make for the people you love.

My husband has decided that it is perfect pre-workout fuel.  I think this healthy smoothie is better, but who am I to judge.



the pig and the fig carnitasThere are zero skills required to make super rich, melty-crispy batch of carnitas.  The only thing you will need is some time.  Not the laborious, hands-on sort, just the it’s-cooking-in-the-slow-cooker-kind.  There are many schools of thought around the “best” method for making carnitas; I’ve opted for the simplest, let the pork do it’s thing way.  


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